Theo Willemse inside Toronto Studio

The art of Theo Willemse gives free rein to his audience’s imagination. His serene, organic sculptures and paintings invite contemplation of dramas in abstract stylized anatomy – human, tree and animal. His artwork and design attain a high degree of finish utilizing an array of materials to express his narrations in layered monochromatic forms.
Born in Amsterdam, Holland, Theo currently resides in Toronto.



1969–71   Central Technical Secondary School, Toronto, Fine Arts program. Sculpture Master: Wyndham Lawrence.



1971–72       Apprentice to William McElcheran, Toronto sculptor.

1978             Lost wax bronze casting at Artcast Fine Art Casting, Georgetown,   Ontario.

1979–80     Technical Assistant to Leslie Moore, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.

Development and construction of Museum of Indian Archaeology, permanent exhibition gallery.

1984–85     Teacher, sculpture classes, the Koffler Centre, North York, Ontario.


Design Projects


Unique fabricated metal mirrors of glass and stainless steel, carved wooden bench, cast aluminium table.

Design of sculpted bronze and aluminum candleholders.

Development of complete line of sculptural jewellery and hanging display unit.

Cast stone and wood bench with leather seating.

Boardroom table for headquarters of Citycorp Management, Toronto.

Development of mobile display unit for artwork.

Design of rod-based bases for sculptures.


Art Work


Series of paintings integrated framing with architectural references some with cast stone mounts.

Group of carved wooden sculptures for bronze casting, some with cast stone bases.

Arrow series. Stone cast sculpture from clay originals.

Vessel series. Carved wooden sculptures for bronze and aluminum casting designed for Osaka Design Competition.

Pierced hanging sculptures; and other forms in wood.

Styrofoam and plaster series of sculptures using a burn-out process with integrated bases.

Recent castings of neo matrix explorations.


Solo Exhibitions


1977                 Gallery House Sol, Georgetown, Ontario

1981                 Merton Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1982                 Gallery House Sol, in conjunction with George Hawkin

1987                 Koffler Gallery, North York, Ontario

1989                 391 Berkley Street, Toronto, Ontario

1990                 20 Maud Studio Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario

1991                 Willemse/Kearns Exhibition, in conjunction with Gertrude Kearns, Toronto, Ontario. Established contemporary gallery.

2005                 Gallery Contempra, Toronto, Ontario

2011                 Spazio Dell’Arte Gallery, Toronto, Ontario


Group Exhibitions


1971                 Gallery House Sol, Georgetown, Ontario

1972                 Oakville Public Library, Oakville, Ontario

1979                 Merton Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1983                 Bau Xi Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1984                 Bau Xi Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1992                 Canadian Centre of Art and Design, Toronto, Ontario

1993                 Genereux Grunwald Gallery, Toronto, Ontario From Start to Furnish show

2004                 Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2005                 Contor Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Current            Spazio Dell’Arte Gallery, Toronto, Ontario




Goodman and Goodman, Toronto, Ontario

Coutts, Crane, and Ingram, Toronto, Ontario

City Core Developments Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

Russ Pet Investments Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

Farano, Green, and Branf, Toronto, Ontario

Kearns and Mancini, Architects, Toronto, Ontario

The Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto, Ontario


Current – Large Scale Painting, Private Collection

Bocca Restaurant, Toronto, Ontario

Kearns and Mancini, Architects, Toronto, Ontario

Cara Operations for In Flight Food Services, USA

Sculptural shapes for National Ballet Company Yearbook ‘92/93

Sculpture for Alexander Wilson Memorial Garden, Toronto

Exhibitions in Commercial Venues

Bocca, Toronto, Ontario

Lipton’s, Toronto, Ontario

Parrot Express, Toronto, Ontario

Norman Rogul Furs, Toronto, Ontario

Cibo, Toronto, Ontario

Hauer, Inc., Toronto, Ontario

Ira Berg, Toronto, Ontario

Juin, Toronto, Ontario

The Design Yard, Dublin, Ireland

Chapters The Mantle Series Toronto, Ontario

Art used on film set – Caveman Valentine currently in distribution

Archive Inc., Toronto, Ontario

Peter Pan, Toronto, Ontario


Private Collections Work appears in private collections in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, London, England